The Nightwatchman

The Nightwatchman journeys into the changing perceptions of the nuclear power industry over its 50 year history through an immersive narrative environment within a sprawling warehouse in the heart of London’s financial district. Combining the concerns of two different eras (that of the mid-80’s and that of the present day), The Nightwatchman blends fact and fiction into a darkly humorous journey from hard-nosed PR to a logical hysteria.

“Behind the offices of an outfit calling itself the British Atomic Nuclear Group (BANG), this series of rooms examines what the heart of London might be like if a nuclear power facility was installed there. It’s not an especially reassuring vision for the future – past the dedicated pro-nuclear showroom lurk telling signs of abandonment and darkness. Why has the nightwatchman left his post – and what’s with those Geiger Counter readings?”

Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph.

Hollington & Kyprianou’s The Nightwatchman was a  SCAN and Arts Catalyst ‘Dark Places’ commission for the exhibition Art & Radioactivity.

Related outputs included a forum at the Royal Society of Arts, UK with Gustav Metzger, Kate Hudson (chair of CND), Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble), as well as a presentation for the Nuclear Industries Research Group at the University of Tornonto, Canada. 


Documentation video