News From Unland 36 page newspaper Kypros Kyprianou

News from UNLAND
36 page tabloid format publication, edition of 20.

Images generated from newspaper picture captions in English language newspaper articles about Cyprus (1950s +). Part of the UNLAND project.

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Mirage Men
Feature length documentary, 19 extra shorts on a 2 disk extended DVD and booklet.
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Constrained writing publication, 2019.
Dual A5 hard bound and pdf, 43 pages.
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Adams & Smith, auctioneers of late capitalist era artefacts, auction catalogue (2034), Hollington & Kyprianou with Tamasin Cave / Spinwatch. Published to accompany the exhibition and performance in C-Words at Arnolfini, Bristol, 2009.

Colour, 38 pages.
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