In and Out

In and Out (or from the void to the void via swinging doors)
Single screen, digital animation 3m 43s (loop), 2018

This digital animation is driven by a ‘world population clock’ website. The ratio of deaths and births (4 to 1.75 per second) drives the ratio at which the left and right doors open and close.

This is one of a few artefacts that examine things that are framed as ‘live’ online data, in particular the trope of ‘live clock counter’ websites. In the case of ‘live’ world population versions of this genre, you can pull up a chair and watch the ‘statistically accurate’ come up against the ‘physically impossible’ as 4 people are born, and 1.75 people die every second.

Statistics used in these pieces came initially from the World Health Organisation here. Online clock source examples framed as ‘live’ counts comes from worldometers.