Fractions, compositions

Fractions, compositions, a forest is one tree in front of another

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C-type on dibond, 50cm2

A series of photographs of felled or fallen trees that are taken from a point directly in front of other trees. Each composition lines up the decomposing stump in the foreground with the growing, composing tree in the background.

How do machine learning models compute distance and tree-ness?

Each photograph is processed via machine learning with the task of analysing the photograph and applying natural looking depth of field blurring effects. The machine learning models are trained on a forest of images. These inform the model through real word examples of what distance looks like. This enables the creation of depth mattes, placing one thing in front of another, before applying blurs of varying strengths to the image.

The materiality of tree-ness is grafted together from computational materiality’s attempt to create the look of a lens based materiality.