Northern Bridge portfolio

A pre-PhD portfolio selection of relevant object making, installations, archival practice, documentaries and data-driven short films.

No Change
An interactive artwork examining the design and experience of gambling through a coin operated machine. Commissioned by Science Gallery, London for the exhibition Hooked.

An installation that turns the pseudo-automata of a chess-playing ‘mechanical turk’ inside out, registering an electromechanical chess game as a human game in an online database. An M.A final project, Newcastle University. 

The Nightwatchman
An immersive narrative installation exploring nuclear cultures at the nexus between government, business and entertainment. Commissioned by SCAN and Arts Catalyst for Art & Radioactivity exhibition, City, London.

A video installation that uses both digitally altered footage and old analogue stage effects to recompose political ritual as magic and illusion. Commissioned by Stuk, Leuven, for the exhibition Art & Magic.

Goodbye Vile Earth!
An exhibition resulting from a residency at a once top-secret militarty factory the RAE, Farnborough. Farnborough Air Sciences Trust archive materials, together with interviews of the ex-employees turned archivists, were represented twisting the idea of the museum and the dry presentation of carefully- selected facts, transforming it into a human tale with its foibles, contradictions and questionable truths.

Mirage Men
A feature length documentary examining belief systems and conspiracy theories through an unreliable narrator. Premiered at Sheffield DocFest, it has been screened at festivals internationally, on terrestrial television, on Netflix (USA) and i-Tunes streaming services.



In and Out
A data-driven short animation based on an online trope – that of ‘live’ clocks and counters. Births and deaths via swinging doors.

A documentary using archive and contemporary accounts to examine the sociopolitical perspectives of artistic space-making. Commissioned for exhibition, Spike Island, Bristol.

The Car That Turned
A digitally manipulated short using automatic numberplate recognition data from researchers at University of Southampton’s Sixth Sense Transport.


La Zad – zone to defend
Two short 15 minute films made for pan South American broadcaster Telesur about the zad – a self-organized autonomous zone. The 1st is on the history of the Zad, the 2nd explores the way the free commune works between its 60 different collectives.